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It’s official, I don’t do well under stress

Posted on: September 4, 2007

Today started like every other work day. I woke up, got ready for work, ate some breakfast and walked to my bus stop. And that is where every thing went wrong.

I’m sitting on the bus, reading one of my baby books, when I started to feel a little queasy. I figured it was because I was reading and riding (not that I normally have motion sickness), so I put my book away. Then I started feeling warm, so I took off my cardigan. My head starts swimming, and I realize I’m sweating profusely. My palms are so wet, pools of sweat have formed. My face was wet to the touch, wet like I had just gone running. Now I begin to freak out. It’s all setting in that I am about to pass out.

Now I grew up with a mother who is a nurse. I’ve never shied away from blood, guts, vomit, etc. As soon as I realized what was happening, I tried to put my head between my legs and take deep long breathes. Ok, first off, being 28 weeks pregnant and putting your head between your legs on a bus, is like making wine out of water, it would be a miracle.

Then BAM! Before I know it, I’m coming to. It’s was like I was waking up from some really strange dream. I had no clue where I was, what was going on. I tried to remain calm. I realized no one had noticed, so all I needed to do was get off the bus as soon as possible and get some fresh air.

As soon as I left the bus, I called my mom. She told me to call Jonathan and go to my doctor immediately. I called Jonathan. By this point all common sense had been cast into the wind. I begin crying hysterically, which freaks Jonathan out. Between broken sobs I managed to tell him what happened and to meet me at the hospital. As I’m walking to the doctor’s I meet my boss. Again, common sense is no where to be found, and I managed to get out “Going to hospital. Not coming in. Call you.”

After an hour, Jonathan and I are seen by a nurse. Then half an hour later by a doctor. During this whole time Jonathan is doing his best to keep me from crying, assuring me that everything is a-ok.

By the end, it turns out that my blood pressure was a bit low, and I was partially dehydrated. Baby Dubya’s heart rate was between 140-150 (which is perfect). She had been active after breakfast and even shortly after the whole incident. Even now, she’s bopping around. So she is perfectly healthy and has no clue what happened.

Wow, so that was my day. I am thanking my Lord that everything is fine. Even in the midst of a emotional shake down, He was right there, continuing to guard my child and me.

4 Responses to "It’s official, I don’t do well under stress"

Wow, scary! I’m so glad you’re ok!


Wow- that IS scary! I have a tendency to pass out (about once a year for the past 10 years or so- in fact I’m overdue) and it is the weirdest feeling. I definitely know when I am about ready to. I remember the first time I passed out my mom asked me if I was pregnant (I was 16!) I guess the only time she passed out was when she was pregnant. I’m glad you and the baby are ok!

Oh my! I am so glad you are ok! I had a similar episode just last week! I was headed home from teaching a spinn class, About half way down the ridge( in Ridgtop) I started feeling woozy, broke out in a cold sweat, the whole thing! When I came to, I had pulled over into the middle turn lane an stopped. Not knowing what the hell just happened I figured out where I was and just prayed that God would just get me home. I started feeling better and that was that. Weird huh?? Hillman checked my Bp and it was low, baby is fine. I just thought Id share that with you! Im definitly going to talk to my OB about that on next appt!!! Take care of yourself!! -K

glad to hear things are ok friend.

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