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They tell you this happens

Posted on: June 14, 2007

Ever seen a picture of a really old couple, and they suspiciously resemble a brother and sister rather than a man and his wife?

Or when you see a dog, whose owner oddly enough looks very much like them? Which can be terrifying when the dog is say a chihuahua or shi-tzu.

People say that with time you come to look like your spouse, or even pet. Well, ever since Jonathan and I got married I’ve been of the school of thought that we will never really resemble one another. Let’s face it, Jonathan has a natural tan that last year round. I look like I just took a bath in flour, my skin is so white. But one thing that I have noticed is that while we may never look alike, we will by all means act much too alike.

Until I met Jonathan I was not one for televised sports. Sure, I watched the Superbowl, but only because I lived at home with two sports fanatics for parents. And yes, there were the soccer games I watched in high school, but truthfully it is so much more fun to play then to watch, so shortly after my soccer career ended so too did my interest in seeing the games on tv.

Then along came the Spurs. When I moved to San Antonio I thought spurs where those things cowboys wore to make the horses hate them. As it turns out, Spurs are actually a NBA team. Wow. I had no idea. And so I spent my first 3 years in Texas totally oblivious to the ends and outs of Spurdom.

And then in late spring (or for Texas middle of summer) 2003 the Spurs won the Championship. For weeks prior to their win I found myself glued to the television with baited breath crossing every movable body part hoping beyond hope that the Spurs beat this team or that team to finally receive a nice little gold cup with a basketball on top and some cool looking rings. Now I admit, I didn’t act this way because I just loved the Spurs. I did it because I loved Jonathan. With each advance Jonathan became more and more excited. He acted as though he himself was on the team. And I being the good girlfriend drilled him with question after question in an attempt to familiarize myself with the players, their stats and where they fell on his I-like-them-this-much meter. By the end of the finals I could rattle off facts about each player and give you a run down of why their competitors didn’t stand a chance.

Once 2005 rolled around and the Spurs were looking like champions once again, I could have cared less. You see, NBA finals fall into a very dangerous time, wedding time. So when the Spurs were sucking my fiance away from me during crucial wedding plan season, I was less than thrilled. Again I hoped beyond all hope that they would win. Not because I wanted them to win, or even because it made Jonathan happy. It all boiled down to not wanting a mopey fiance a month before my wedding. We needed to be perky and happy, and if we were to pull off a wedding in San Antonio, well it seemed that if the Spurs lost Jonathan wouldn’t be the only mopey person I was going to encounter.

Fast forward to 2007. The Spurs have yet again, for the 4th time in 7 years, made it to the last final game. Tonight could well be their championship night. Over the last few months I have been keeping track of who they’re playing, who they’ve beat and who has beaten them. And now, with no true distractions around, I’ve found myself becoming a die hard Spurs fan. I can still rattle off some stats, but not from asking Jonathan questions after question, but from actually doing the research myself. I really want them to win. Not because I want it for Jonathan, but because, for once, I really want my team to win.

1 Response to "They tell you this happens"

YEAH!!!!!! Finally, you are seeing the light of the wonders of sports enthusiasm. It is a feeling that nothing else can give you. I’m glad the Spurs won. Not because I follow them but because I know that you and Jonathan love them.


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