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The ever elusive S-L-E-E-P

Posted on: May 24, 2007

In the world of baby incubating, I like food again. This is a major plus. And my fondness for pickles seems to be at an all time high, with me eating about 2-3 pickles a day. I best slow down before the baby turns green. Although, when I was ten I spent the whole summer eating pickles and bologna sandwiches. My dad promised me I would turn into a pickle if I didn’t watch out… it never happened. So hopefully Baby Dubya is in the clear.

Also, in the world of baby incubating, I wish I could sleep forever. I realize that I am producing another human being, but shesh, I didn’t realize it would make me so tired. Of course it doesn’t help that I have yet to make it to bed before 11 in the last two weeks, but still. I’ve perfected my napping over the lunch hour and spent last weekend sleeping more than being awake. And when I say that I am looking forward to a 3-day weekend, it’s not because I have some fabulous plans that will rock the world, but because I have one more day to take a 2 hour nap. Hmmm, that sounds so good right about now…

In other random Windham news, Jack has an eye infection. The poor puppy’s right eye is swollen and draining some nastiness. Our vet gave him some drops and says it should clear up soon. The weirdest part of it all, Jonathan and I both are having problems with our right eyes. Maybe it’s sympathy pains, or maybe some aliens came in the night and infected each of us, but either way we’re all walking around with one eye closed. Bummer.

4 Responses to "The ever elusive S-L-E-E-P"

I think that all three of you should make the most of it and wear eye patches – heck, you could even wear them to the opening of the new(est)release of Jack Sparrow – which someone here is salivating over…..
I can see it now… you, Jonathan, and Jack sitting in the front row, eye patches in place, starring up at the screen, and two hands and a paw vying for grabs within the popcorn bag…. or the pickle jar.

Just a thought.


I liked that.

The pickle jar…way to bring it all together Dave.

We might just have to do that. Jack would look really cute with an eye patch. 🙂

I’m thinking that the eye patch threesome would make a great family portrait. Sarah, you can even put an extra one over your belly button to make it official 🙂

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