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Puppy Windham

Posted on: April 26, 2007

Still no name. Hopefully he’ll be called something other than “puppy” tonight.

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We got a puppy about 2 years ago that we didn’t name right away. We had another dog already, so the puppy was referred to as “the little dog” for a few days. To this day, we still call him the little dog, even though he weighs about 70 pounds now.

He’s soooo cute!!! Congrats on both the Puppy and Baby! 🙂

Cuuute! How old is he? Does he get to be a member of Mars Hill like Judah was? Maybe you can teach him to sit quietly on a blanket during church- Haha!

We’re waiting till his housetrained before dragging him out to other people’s houses. And oddly enough I did think about the blanket thing the other day and then immediately thought “Sarah, that’s just weird”.

hahha- that’s funny you thought of the blanket thing! It would probably work well with a dog though, since it’s basic behavioral training (classic Pavlov). The hard part I think would be making sure the dog recongnizes the blanket when it’s at a different house. I’m not sure dogs have the ability to generalize the behavior to all blankets at all places.

And now I’ll stop before I reveal myself as an even bigger geek!

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