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What do you do…

Posted on: February 26, 2007

When all your power goes out?

This weekend proved to be a lazy time, as my trip to Chicago was abandoned due to the threat of an ice storm. Lindsy, Amanda and I decided we should still leave work early and hang out all the same. We went to a movie (Night at the Museum – pretty funny), and then drove an hour to Mount Pleasant to eat at a restaurant that turned out to be in Mount Vernon (only 20 minutes from IC). All the same it was fun, and we found a yummy Mexican food place in MP.

Saturday brought on more movies and a nice long nap. When Jonathan and I woke up, we realized we had no electricity and the ice was now 1/4″ – 1/2″ thick outside. No problemo, we’ll just go to the mall. Or not… As we walked down the stairs to the garage, we realized, uh, garage doors need electricity, don’t they? But would that really stop Jonathan? No. By candle light, he managed to unscrew the right screws and the door was open. Off to the mall we go! Or not… Turns out the mall thought weather bad enough to shut down the city was bad enough to shut down the mall. Dang it. But at least Best Buy was open, and that made Jonathan quite happy.

As we sat watching the weather on the nice TVs we called everyone we knew in search on electricity. Lucky for us, the Bovenmyers we up and going, so we went to their place for the evening to watch a ridiculous movie (The Producers) and eat pizza and ice cream. Unlucky for us, we came home at 11 to find we still were without power. Oh well! At least our water is run on gas so we could be sure to have hot showers in the morning.

Sunday came more relaxing than Saturday. We didn’t have church, so we slept in (which unlike in our college years, actually only means till 8 for me and 9 for Jonathan). Then Kara M. came over for lunch before Jonathan and I went to see the movie Amazing Grace with other Eastsiders. Amazing Grace (for those who don’t know) is the story of William Wilberforce who lead the abolition of slavery in England. It was a really good movie, although there were some parts that I didn’t quite believe (but that’s just me…). All in all, I’d recommend it.

Finally last night, I began picking out pictures for our scrapbook. From the last year? No. From the wedding? No. Surely not from Europe? Yes, yes indeed. It has taken me over 2 years, but I am finally sorting through our Europe photos. And let me tell you, it is no easy task. I am so not looking forward to next year when I decide to finally put together the wedding album.

I’d say it was a really nice weekend. And I really wish they could all be so lazy. 🙂

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Sounds like everyone in the whole IC area had a fortunately/unfortunately story weekend! I am glad you got through it all with a smile on!

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