A Wife Loved Like The Church

Happy Little People

Posted on: January 29, 2007

In view of my life the last few weeks, I’ve decided that I need to write a blog purely about things that fill my life with joy. Enjoy!

1. Jonathan. Whether it be when he is trying to kick the ceilings, chasing Madeline around the house, laying on the couch watching movies, or making me the best Denver omelet this girl has ever had.

2. My friends. When they dress up in miss-matched clothes, send me postcards with verses, buy me Little Debbie cakes, email me random videos, or continually co-author a story about gophers.

3. My family. When they call just to say hi. Or to make fun of me.

4. My God. For giving me everything I will ever need. For sending His Son to be my Savior. For blessing my life more richly than I deserve.

Here’s a little video that made me laugh. If you know me at all, you’ll understand why I think ridulously silly things like this are funny….

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