A Wife Loved Like The Church

Impressing the impressionable

Posted on: September 8, 2006

I have learned over time that I am easly impressed by the lives of those around me. And by impressed, I don’t mean they influenced me in some great way, but simply left an impression upon my life. I struggle with my feelings toward my “impressionable” state, mostly because I wonder if others are so impressed by me.

It seems as though each person I have ever met, leaves their own special mark in my life. Some are so small that I can’t even see their impact, others are so large that they have molded my life.

At times this scares me. There are times it seems, that these impressions, or the marks they have left, begin to hurt. And when I search myself to try to understand why I have this pain, I realize that it is in part due to the fact that the one who has left such a deep impression is no longer in my life. Through a variety of reasons, I am left alone, with only a mark. And truthfully, the impression I have is not what causes the pain, but the unknown of having made an impression on the one who impressed.

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