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They can’t give me a ticket on God’s day

Posted on: August 7, 2006

Sundays for me normally consist of church, lunch, nap, dinner, church, sleep. Yesterday however, was completely different.

When Jonathan and I were leaving house church last night we encountered the strangest of strange. (Forgive me for all of those not familiar with the IC area, as I can’t explain the story without all the street names).

As we’re barreling down North Dodge, talking about family stuff, I yelled out “Jonathan, there’s a man in the road!!”. Jonathan slammed on his brakes and swerved into the other lane. As we passed the man, he yelled “Help me, help me!”. Jonathan stopped the car, stuck his head out the window and asked if everything was okay. The guy said he was lost and needed to get to the hospital. Dressed in nothing but blue basketball shorts, sweating profusely, this guy was obviously not all together. Jonathan gets out of the car, as the guy runs up to him. Jonathan repeatedly tells the guy “Stay back, I don’t know you, stay back!”. As the guy gets up to the car, Jonathan gets his name “Matt”. As Jonathan tells Matt we’ll do what we can, but to stay back, Matt freaks out and starts running back toward I80.

Jonathan jumps back in the car, calls 911 and lets them know what’s up. We turn the car around and start trailing “Matt”. Jonathan’s worried that he might get hit by a car, since it’s so dark down that road, and I’m just, well, worried. As we get closer to him, I yelled “Oh my gosh, Jonathan, he’s NAKED!” It turns out that somewhere along the 100 yards “Matt” had ran, he lost his shorts. Not a pleasent sight. Not at all.

So we sat in the car, trailing up the road after “Matt” flashing our brights to warn oncoming cars. Through all this Jonathan’s back on the phone with 911, because now not only is “Matt” naked, he’s nearly been hit by a driver, thrown a rock at another car, and staggering back and forth on the street yelling “Help me! Help me!”.

When the first cop arrived on the scene, it seemed as though “Matt” was going to be under control quickly. “Matt” leans up against the cop car, as the cop handcuffs him. In a split second, “Matt” turns around and lunges at the cop. The cop threw him down and traps him between the road and his knee. “Matt’s” yelling and screaming, saying that he’s hurt and needs to go see his sister ‘Sarah’ in the hospital. The cop asks “Matt” a series of questions:

“What’s your name?” “John”.
“John, what’s your last name?” “Mayer”.
“OK, John Mayer. When’s your birthday?” “I don’t know.”
“John have you used drugs tonight?” “Yes.”
“What kind of drugs?” “I don’t know.”

Then “Matt-John” begins saying how he is “going to kill someone” and asks the cop “am I gonna shoot you in the head?”. Finally two other cops pulled up and Jonathan and I left.

I was shaking the whole way home. I have never, ever seen anything like this in my life. The whole scene was straight out of COPS. When we got back home, Jonathan just held me and prayed. I was so freaked out, because things could have been so much worse than what happened. I can’t even imagine had I been there on my own without Jonathan to take care of me. God really protected us in such a huge way.

Between the crazed knife pulling man at the mall (that’s another crazy story!!) and last night, I’m beginning to think this could only happen to Jonathan and I.

2 Responses to "They can’t give me a ticket on God’s day"

Wow, that is crazy/scary. I do think these things happen only to you two! I am glad that everything ended up ok with nothing more serious. It’s really sad what drugs can do to a person.


Dude, you guys do get to experience the weird stories! But I am ok with that. I did get a good laugh out of your blog. Hope you slept ok last night.

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